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The Wellness Concept

Prevention Today for Wellness Tomorrow
Wellness is optimal health and vitality, encompassing integration of mind, body, and spirit throughout life's journey. Take charge of your Health and get on to the path to Wellness, what you Do, Think, Feel, and Believe has an impact on your health and well-being.

Today with trend of disease profiles shifting from communicable disease to non communicable Lifestyle Diseases, more than 80% of health risks like Hypertension, Diabetes, Kidney, Liver and Heart ailments are related to routine and lifestyle of individuals, Early diagnosis and prevention is the only remedy to avoid these dreaded diseases, without which suffering and high healthcare expenditures are inevitable .

Wellness is a concept that can improve individual’s health and quality of life. By being proactive towards symptoms of aging and changing lifestyles one can retain or attain good health, thereby avoiding costly health care consumption. Benefits of Wellness and Prevention are Long term and intuitive - it is wiser to prevent a disease than to face its consequences at a more advanced stage Towards the spirit of Wellness, ISHA Diagnostics presents a panel of Basic and Comprehensive Wellness programs, with host of affordable services provided at door step, so as to enable Individuals and their family members to work towards wellness.

Prevention Today for Wellness Tomorrow

Individual Wellness

  • Basic/ Comprehensive  Metabolic Profiles
  • Comprehensive Preventive/Curative
    Care profiles
  • Disease specific Special
    investigation profiles

Family Wellness

  • Extended Family Portrait Photography Sydney Swati 001.jpgComposite  Health Screening packages
  • Age wise Preventive/Curative Care profiles

Corporate Wellness

  • Pre Employment Assessments
  • Annual Health Checks
  • Overseas Health Screening
  • Onsite Medical / Wellness Center

Occupational Wellness

  • Industry Specific Occupational
    Health screening
  • Industry Specific Preventive/Curative
    Care profiles
  • Industry Specific High risk speciality testing
  • Onsite Health Camps

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